Friday, 13 November 2009

Digital Tour: A whole new world.

London NW3 4AX. La Paletta, my place of work and source of coffee. I happen to live in the flat upstairs. its a small buiding but with nice people, and in a very sought after address according to most wealthy people i speak with.

Take a walk around, this is exciting, no?

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Im the red dot "A", thats where i am right now in the matrix beneath me.

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Geographically speaking we are very lucky to have this place, and the interior is new, fully furbished and spacious enough. Autumn is better than spring in the countryside here. Being a hairy ogre means winter settles in a little later in the year as far as i can tell, because im still happy in a t-shirt unless it's raining.
Camden bowl is walking distance.

What else is there...I don't think you will be interested in the tubes you get up here, but there are 3 right here. Give me a call, anyone...


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