Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Quit Confusion London City.

hunks, the riches, the bints, the fashion bitches, wind underground, 30 degrees in September. Appropriate Adjustments made- Minds eye open and looking outside, running through the heath, Back worn down like a camel.I ask myself the question "Its been 10 days, where the fuck did all my life go?" I answer, "This is a statement in motion, of letting go and learning the difference between; not being afraid to live, and trying to kill yourself."
What puzzles me is when did i realise i have never heard the definition of human life? Blurrs of millions of great minds, or are these faces just formulas, as meaningful as watching numbers on the stock market? I might be able to figure this all out, there might be a few basic tricks and variations?
I have learned that i am not the perfect lover, by a great underestimation. i am likely a fowl one.
This cheap shot has been successful yet i feel its shallow and although i am obviously real my cheating ways have only cheated me into this insecurity in who i am being, the trophy is mine but the glory was never there. Its inappropriate to be so depressing, yet the self esteem aspect -that never was-is the bitter root that i chew.

devonwho "braketime" from devonwho on Vimeo.

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