Monday, 20 April 2009

Some of the stars are so far away you will never see them, no matter how bright they burn

The emotions of pain, grief and sufference.
It is a common part of the human condition.
humans struggle.

consumed by immoral desire, fear, frowned upon people acting on urges.
If I had not learned this life is just a dream in which we cannot truly lose, i would continue this self destructive path, that is, staring at mists. Lunging at illusions.

The playful search for beauty. A fantastic journey uninterrupted by war or poverty. You know, actual blitz-krieg style invasions of the middle east. Actual child starvation.

There are those with a layer of determination peacefully shining and that is what we euphamise as 'stars', inner children and martyrs, angels, may they never feel the claustrophobia that spreads like a plague. It is created by a form of enslavement that harbours closed minds and negative emotion, in which the first step is knowing if you smile the world smiles with you.

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