Thursday, 12 March 2009

The systems a web, so be a spider

Freaky-deeky tuesday nights turbo crunked on double vodka snakebite can only be followed with a blurry eyed surf check at 8 in the morning. Fresh, cold air, and a familiar melodrama in the form of granite headlands and a whole load of sunrise coloured ocean. No conversation to taint the edge in your senses of accumulation of the elements. Subtle shadows of a sleepless night like the taste of spirits and a dehydrated feeling, a slow twitch and beareable warmth for February.
Its the way i framed that morning which brought me to that breathtaken contentment, a happy hour, of a different sort to the one we seek on the evenings after work where there is dry ice and disco lights. The contrasting events in my life rarely reach this place, as its not something i naturally hunger for, but nevertheless is something i have kept experiencing. It is very tiring going from great peaks to vast plains, and unfortunately sometimes deep, dark holes, and it is within reason that i allow myself this time of unemployment.
This evening i heard that it is unhealthy to be one who is stuck in a single state. I am dynamic and so are you.

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