Friday, 6 March 2009

The male mensturation

After a good week of non stop exercise one deserves to relax, or else the damage can outweigh the benefits of all that effort. The muscles grow, the heart slows, and the mind calms, to a point of increased well being. When that exercise involved several hours underwater in that cold, harsh sea, it deprives your senses. If, not only had this been the case, but between cliff running and arctic bodyboarding, 8 pints of snakebite and vodka replaced your suggested isotonic supliment and normal sleeping pattern that fatigue would saturate even further. It saturates into your whole personality, your reactions and co-ordination fail you, it has the same effect as PHP. Not finding daily peace for me makes me an emotional dodgem ride of acute psychosese.
Modern medicine, technology and society combined, security replaces paranoia. Marvellous. Even better, I will be passing my fitness tests for the lifeguarding season far easier having all this extra energy, without worry, and trusting Penzance Yacht Club don't refuse me membership there will be time to contemplate things at sea in the near future. Where can you go to relieve the pressures of life, when your homeless, skint, victimised, over-analytical, and nervous even considering the wonders of the modern world? There would DEFINATELY be no better place than Cornwall.

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