Thursday, 26 February 2009

You'll be pleased to know that i'm rolling mobile with a Sony Ericsson Mp3 or something, finally in touch with the 'sticks wide web' once again.
Early this morning, Shelly taught me how to swim underwater for longer using some breathing exercises and how to stop the jerk reaction in your throat when you think your drowning. If you resist swimming too fast and overcome the panics you would be surprised how long you can stay underwater for. Top tip i learned this morning: use goggles and look where your going. Comedy moment in the pool came when i failed to reach the other side of the pool, forced up in the deep end without knowing a lady was mid breaststroke-legs above. As i gasped for air the subsequent breast stroke kick trapped me in the perfect timing. She nearly died of shock and embarrassment ...

The first no fins, no suit freedive through the Arch, a 30m long tunnel connecting Dahab's Blue Hole to the Red Sea at a depth of 55m. (and proof of alien life on planet Earth)

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