Saturday, 28 February 2009

stranger than fiction shit happens in my life

I am now feeling very sick, thanks to my mums hairdressing salon/kitchen, where she had left a hairy glass of water used to clean her scissors, which happened to look like the glass i left their earlier.....
coupled with my headbutting vagina incident in the swimming pool yesterday and the Polish maniac sticking his fingers up in my face for no reason, im coming to the conclusion that maybe I am becoming one big joke. A feeling I grew up with while looking at certain other people, and had never expected to be a title i might carry. This is actually the joy, that comes from being independent, and socialising outside your circle of mates. It encourages everyone to be confident, charismatic. Definatly not perfect, just entertaining, instead of spooky. The only problem being, coming from a sheltered background you won't have learnt how to recognise certain trademark crackheads and troubled characters, and over eager to impress, find yourself awkwardly speechless and afraid or if i may use a personal example, wishing the bald man out of 'This is England' would let go of your neck. I guess that there is no age limit to the wisdom of the phrase dont talk to strangers.

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