Wednesday, 20 March 2013

If You Aint Future, You Aint In.

Well, its been a few years. But since this is supposed to be a documentary supplement of the few places i experience, I thought since Plymouth is a new addition there must be some expression of this chapter.
The future being mysterious, comments in this post will be limited to past and present, of which the latter will be scant talked about also. To briefly get myself and any readers up to speed, a few of the main events since blogging were a three month trip to Ionian Greece, where i broke my knee, a six month stint in the motherland, followed by six months doing the apparently lucrative job of lifeguarding at shoreditch house with all the immigrant employees and now having the great privilege of studying for four years at Plymouths' Maritime University. Besides the broken knee and two split ups I'm going about my platitudinous routine fairly unscathed, spiritually altered, and materialistically as well off as I've ever been. At times I feared I would never say that about my own life, genuinely, but recent circumstances make me quietly optimistic.
KATE is my girlfriend. She spoils me, particularly at the time of my 26 Birthday. Being 26 is, well, just that, being 26. It never meant anything before, and it doesn't mean anything now, I'm not a parent, physically unfit, up to my blodshot eyes in debt, bitter, or too old for my behavior in any way. I sound self-laudatory, and its only now in reflection these things are apparent, but I guess freedom to tell it like this is part of a change of attitude since starting Triathlon. Lets just blame the positivity on the Sun being out for a change. Now we are up to speed, lets commence some writing that expresses some of what I live, see and achieve in DEVON.


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