Saturday, 11 February 2012

What I am Nodding Too

This weekend being flat, I've exhumed some sonic treats no one acknowledges but should do to drown out spouses barking chores at you. The artists are connected in style only. Harrison Blakoldman's mix for Podora which was something I couldn't stop jamming to tube riding in London 5 months ago. The Low limit mix is still at only 500 listens on 'mixcloud' despite being over a year old, it was done to celebrate the creation of ''. Listening to it again and again I'm realising it is perfection from the trend the Brainfeeder label markets itself on.
Harrison Blakoldman's 'Bionik Area' is unreleased but banging and 'Turf Day' by Low Limit does the job, too.

HBO PODORA mix 2011
Low Limit Mix 4 Brainfeeder

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