Tuesday, 12 July 2011

'The Viking' Review

Following the Tolcarne Wedge airshow, South Shore team rider and Sir Vinyl DJ's at Ritz Petite hosted Boogtique's Premiere of the Viking. Who is The Viking? James Kayley, characterised by James Kates, Dav Fox, I Am None and Zion, as a wave hungry, backward, Scandanavian. Also heavily representing Sam Bennet and Jase Finlay on their first visit in these Sea's.
We all turned up in order to pay homage, bodyboarders from Sennen, Helston, Penzance, St. Ives and Porthtowan. The movie was projected, with the soundtrack coming from the P.A where guest Garage D.J's Serocee and Sticky sat and watched for a bit too.
The cinema style event set off the surfers vibe. The Movie could have been seen to play two roles upon those among the crowd. There was a lot of ambient tunes, a weak plot to keep things flowing between nice lifestyle footage which anyone would find easy viewing, or it is a showcase of your peers talents as they would like you to see them. This was important here being our home water in the North Atlantic. Not only turning over uncovered stones but pulling out the thorn on our mid-summer bummer. For me it was perfect with a cup of tea as I had a few beach break bumps and bruises. Aileens is documented from the water and looks incredible. Amateur crowds will appreciate, if not the film quality, then the interesting take on travel to our home country. Not only does South Shore's Jacob Cockle claim it was the best footage of Ireland ever seen, but emphasised the lifestyle footage in the movie being just like a modern Martin Parr, in moving images. "I guess you could say, the lifestyle/land footage is ahead of its time in terms of bodyboarding DVD's" he says. Very Positive feedback also from Charlie Thomlinson, reckon's "I want to quit bodyboarding after seeing the movie", however we have evidence to suggest he may have done so before this video project was undertaken. Amongst the crowd were the Post Code's crew who were happy enough with an early night, as were many of the bodyboarders from Porthie. Ritz Petite's crowd grew with a healthy crew of miscellaneous legends (check the shots for who was papp'ed)Jungle action came from Sir Vinyl and guest's. We hope the legend Louis J had an epic birthday celebration. I personally look forward to his collaboration with Big Paul Wescke and really don't have a reason to leave the town while there are acts of this calabre. Bodyboard Hub and co have the same problem being up in Newquay, and will have to spend the evening with us another time. Until then we hope Ritz Petite and Sir Vinyl don't throw in the towel because we will have to go back to playing with ourselves...in the rude way.

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