Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Everything above sea level and beneath the Sun, is only the same for a moment, snapshot after snapshot, not the same now as in the beginning and not going to be there at the end. The perfect example of this is your music collection, which started one day as a single by a top 44 artist you heard on the radio, then began expanding and looking different and quite often looking unrecognisable if you had not really seen it for a while.
My music collection was never bigger than mid teenage punk era. It has taken the path like that of a human become refined, sophisticated, and drawing on many cultured wisdoms. My music collection has had many great turning points during its life, to enhance my own life. I sacrafice a lot of time to the development of my music collection, but love it unconditionally. Unlike tele, i can choose whether i want to be uplifted, introspective, deflated or aroused. And, unlike tele, it plays in my pocket as i walk around mundane old penzance, in my ears on the train, or pumps in other peoples' cars. It is also more likely to feed me something enjoyably sinister, or breathtakingly underground than tele.
I feel connected to people who share this affection, and so music is a uniting force, as well as a individual pursuit, away from pressures and pointless...pointlessness.

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